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8-bit computer simplified v2

A computer made completely out of logic gates. Version 2. V1 can be found here:

Because of the limitations of the simulator, and for easier use, some inbuilt components are used (like the 256-byte RAM module), but most of it is made up of OR, AND, NOT, XOR, NOR and NAND.

This project was originally made for my profile project. This is (or will be) version 2 of the 8-bit computer.
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CPU Microprocessor

Working CPU with eight 8-bit registers and eleven commands. Instructions in the project, command list below.


LDA r - loads value from register r into accumulator
STA r - stores accumulator value in register r
CLR r - clears register r
INC r - increments the value of register r and replaces into r
DEC r - decrements the value of register r and replaces into r
COM r - stores the complement of the value in register r in the accumulator
ADD r - adds value in register r to the accumulator
SUB r - subtracts accumulator value from value in register r, replaces into accumulator
AND r - stores value of (accumulator AND r) in accumulator
IOR r - stores value of (accumulator OR r) in accumulator [inclusive or]
XOR r - stores value of (accumulator XOR r) in accumulator [exclusive or]

*Eight 8-bit registers: r must be a value between 0 and 7 and refers to the address of the register, not its contents*
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User Image me

This is a CPU witch is capable of executing a lot of stuff in one clock cycle, and this CPU can shift left up to 7 times and shift right up to 7 times witch means that it is possible to  multiply and divide in one clock cycle if you program a table in the program memory. it has a 32 bit instruction width and a 8 bit address. it also has 

The ALU has the following operations:

  • ADD
  • SHIFT_LEFT (up to 7 times per cycle 3 bit)
  • SHIFT_RIGHT (up to 7 times per cycle 3 bit)
  • XOR
  • OR
  • NOT
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My 4 Bit CPU, Not very standard so it might not actually be a CPU yet. **Made By Ben W.**
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16-bit uCISC Processor

This is an example implementation of the uCISC instruction set as defined at So far it implements the Copy and ALU instructions. Note that multiplication, division and floating point ALU operations are not currently supported. This processor is enough to execute real programs.

The EEPROM is programmed with the fibonacci calculation found in the uCISC examples.
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Everything is working great in this build!  So I will be taking about a week break from this.
Well except single pixel drawing on GPU but more on that later.

I included a Hello World program and a screen clear test program running by default.
But I would love to see what programs people can come up with. So definitely fork this and make your own programs for it, and link them in the comments below!

Also I am working on adding more instructions for the cpu and the gpu, let me know what might be useful in the comments and definitely check my in progress updates below!

I am running into an issue with per pixel drawing giving a contention error which doesn't make sense as i have tested the chip. unless the rgb screen col and row pins are also outputs i don't get what is going on.

For now though i'm taking a break from that and working on implementing some more of the OPs.

Here is a list of instructions. I'll add descriptions soon.
Anything with a * before it is not implemented yet.
0 NOP [0]
1 JMP [1]
2 SETA [10]
3 SETB [11]
4 LDA [100]
5 LDB [101]
6 WRA [110]
7 WRB [111]

*8 IA [1000]
*9 IB [1001]
*10 DA [1010]
*11 DB [1011]
*12 SLA [1100]
*13 SLB [1101]
*14 SRA [1110]
*15 SRB [1111]

16 ADD [1 0000]
17 SUB [1 0001]
18 MUL [1 0010]
19 DIV [1 0011]

20 EQL [1 0100]
21 NEQL [1 0101]
22 GRT [1 0110]
23 LSS [1 0111]
24 GRQL [1 1000]
25 LEQL [1 1001]

26 SSP [1 1010]
27 PUSH [1 1011]
28 POP [1 1100]
29 LTS [1 1101]

*30 PROC [1 1110]
*31 EPROC [1 1111]

32 SAS [10 0000]
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8 bit CPU

Just messing around and trying to see if I still remember how to create a simple 8-bit processor from scratch.  The schedule for this project is "whenever I get 5 minutes to add another component".  The design is ad-hoc (fancy words for "barely organized"). I am not really worried about using the best solutions, I am just having fun trying to actually get it done at some point.
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Programable CPU Revision

Revising the previous cpu because it was kind of a mess, this one should be a bit better!
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2-bit cpu

It's a 2-bit CPU. I saw a post from Tatsuo Mitsuchi with his 2-bit CPU, and was wondering, what can one do with only 2 bits, is it possible to make something useful?
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JCU 501

New and improved JCU 501! The new JCU 501 contains two accumulators (one for each input), as well as capacity to handle it's own input stream.

0 - A OR B
1 - A AND B
2 - A XOR B
3 - A + B
4 - A NOR B
5 - A NAND B
6 - A XNOR B
7 - !(A + B)
8 - A = B
9 - A > B
a - A < B
b - 0
c - A != B
d - A <= B
e - A >= B
f - 1
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Spaghett MK 1

An attempt at making a functional Computer

Tbf, I don't know if I made a "functional computer" as much as I made a mess.