B8256 V2
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Author: ArithmeticArthur

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This is the second addition of the B8 Series. Otherwise known as the BURTONABLE 8 256 it is capable of running programs 256 lines long! as well as 7 instructions to use

LDA 0001: Loads the given value into the Accumulator

ADD 0010: The given value will be added to the accumulator

SUB 0011: The given value will be subtracted from the accumulator

OUT 1110: Shows the output of A and B

HALT 1111: Stops all

PRT 0110: Prints a 7 bit ASCII character to the TTY

CLRTTY 0101: Clears the TTY element

DRAW BLACK 1001: Draws the color black to the X (4 bits) and the Y (4 bits)

DRAW WHITE 1011: Draws the color white to the X (4 bits) and the Y (4 bits)

JC 1100: Only jumps up by the given data if 2 negative numbers add up to a positive number

sometimes the codes get corrupted just spam reset a couple times

FUN CODES: To use them, just double click the EEPROM

To retrieve a code just press the save button and then open the dev console (FN + Volume up MAC) or F12 (PC)

To put codes in the EEPROM double click it and paste the code



I would love to see your codes too so post them in the comments!

THIS VERSION IS OUTDATED HERE IS THE LINK TO THE NEW ONE https://circuitverse.org/users/160624/projects/b8256-v3

Oh and also The original B8 got deleted :(

Created: Jan 04, 2023

Updated: Aug 27, 2023


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Didn't get to program but looks cool!
Posted on Jan 23 2023 at 07:06PM UTC.
What did you not get?
Posted on Jan 24 2023 at 12:52AM UTC.
I did not program yet. But it overall looks cool.
Posted on Jan 24 2023 at 01:25PM UTC.
Can you make coding the EEPROM simple?
Posted on Jan 24 2023 at 04:16PM UTC. Last modified by Kuro.Mp3 on Jan 24 2023 at 04:17PM UTC.
What do you have in mind
Posted on Jan 25 2023 at 03:06PM UTC.
7 instructions, use 3 bits to make it simple and use 8 bits for inputs
Posted on Jan 26 2023 at 04:28PM UTC.