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8 Bit CPU

This  computer has a data bus and a control bus. and on those busses there are external devices that you can send data to/from. the ALU is the same as My old Computer design at opcodes are also the same as my previus vertion.

also this one has a large display at the bottom that displays the time as the X and the line of code executed as the Y and the data bus value as the color.

the default program loads the UI data into ALU register A and loads ram address 1 as ALU register B. witch makes a accumulator. and then displays the value to the user output and the number display, if the user input value == 0 then jump to line 7 and resets the value to zero.

To start, pres the start button.

I am working on a new CPU that is much better. it will also have a link to a assembler(made in javascript). 

you can fork it and improve it and do whatever you want with it. Enjoy !!!
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An 8-bit addition/subtraction unit with two's complement arithmetic and an accumulator.

BCD displays are added for nicer user experience.

First steps in CircuitVerse
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8bit Magnitude Comparator
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My first Computer, its still in Development, and am working on more space for your Code, more commands and etc.

I know this thing is not good at all, but it does its job and here are the possible instructions:

"01" -> Moves Value from next Adress to Register0. Example: Code "01 05" Loads Value 5 in Register0

"02" -> Moves Value form R0 to R1. Example: "02"

"03" -> Addes value from R0 and R1 and saves it in A. Example: "03"

"04" -> Moves Value from A to R0. Example: "04"

"05" -> Jumpes to given Adress in Code. Example: "05 00" Jumpes to Adress 00 in Code

"06" -> Compares if R0 and R1 are equal. Example: "06"

"07" -> Jumpes to given Adress if Command "06" returns false. Example: "07 03", Jumps to Adress 03 if "06" returns false

I know there are missing a lot of usefull commands, but this was my first test and i will work on it to get it better. 

Is there any way to get an clock faster than 50ms?
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A working 4kB memory module that provides byte-addressable 1-byte words.
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A really simple 8bit computer.

It has a 3bit opcode and an address length of 5bits.
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8 bit multiplir