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Simple Display
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Simple Integratable Counter

I made this simple counter to use in my circuits. Since I need a counter pretty often, I designed it to be compact and easy to integrate, for anyone to use. It's modular design means it can be used just about anywhere, and it easily allows for the addition of a splitter if need be.

If a dev happens to be reading this, please add something like this! I'd really appreciate it.
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Simple comparitor

Ever wanted to compare two numbers? With the simple 8 bit comparitor, now you can! This design can easily be changed to fit any bit width one would desire, so don't fret, your 2 bit or 32 bit computers will still know when A is greater than B!

I've deployed this in previous projects (most notably my JCU series), but the comparitor is handy enough that I believe it deserves it's own mention.
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AND Gate

This is a simple AND gate Circuit
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Programable 24 hour clock created with T FlipFlops and 7 segment Displays. FlipFlops were used to create 0-59 and 0-23 counters.

Reloj de 24 horas programable que utiliza FlipFlops tipo T y Displays de 7 segmentos. Los FlipFlops se utilizaron para crear contadores de 0-59 y 0-23.
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Traffic lights/Semaforo

Simulation of traffic lights created by using 4 bits counter that use T FipFlops.

Simulación de un semáforo creado con un contador de 4 bits que usa FlipFlops de tipo T
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NOT gate (only NAND)

NOT gates are useless...

From NandGame.
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AND gate (only NAND)

AND gates are also useless...

From NandGame.
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OR gate (only NAND)

Pfft, who uses these gates?

From NandGame.
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XOR gate (only NAND)

All of the gates (except good ol' NAND) are now useless, heh.

From NandGame.
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Half Adder (Only NAND)

Adding bits numbers with just NAND!

From NandGame.
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Comparador de redstone

El circuito simula el funcionamiento de un comparador de redstone del juego Minecraft que se encuentra en su modalidad por defecto, es decir, cuando la antorcha en la salida del comparador se encuentra apagada.

También muestra la implementación de cada una de las compuertas lógicas, exceptuando la compuerta NOT debido a que el comparador no es necesario para implementarla, utilizando el mismo comparador con el fin de hacer posible el diseño de circuitos dentro del juego
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Simple circuit using 2 inputs and 1 and gate.
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This is my version of Tic Tac Toe

I hope you like it :)