8 bit CPU
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Author: Daniel Camozzato

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Just messing around and trying to see if I still remember how to create a simple 8-bit processor from scratch.  The schedule for this project is "whenever I get 5 minutes to add another component".  The design is ad-hoc (fancy words for "barely organized"). I am not really worried about using the best solutions, I am just having fun trying to actually get it done at some point.

Created: May 22, 2019

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

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I have been working on documenting instructions, flags, bitcodes, etc. before I proceed any further. I will see about putting the document online somewhere, and when that is done I will add the link here.

Posted on Jun 07 2019 at 01:46PM UTC.

Did some work on the ALU today. Still missing some flags, but most operations are... operational. *ba-dum-tsh*

Posted on Jun 10 2019 at 07:27PM UTC.

The ALU is ugly, but should be fully functional now. I am sure I will notice something is off at some point.

Posted on Jun 11 2019 at 12:39PM UTC.

Had a "d'oh" moment when I finally realized I could change the bit width of gates, mux and demux, etc. I should probably have learned a little about the tool I am using before I started using it. Oh well, I can make it pretty(er) later.

Posted on Jun 11 2019 at 05:39PM UTC.

I am putting together the Data Path. I am setting up all the mux and control signals, but the stack is completely missing. I am still deciding whether to use a memory component, or to use my own 8 bit registers. I will probably use registers to keep the design consistent. As for the RAM, I am using a memory component for that - I feel it is "ok" since it is an external part.

Posted on Jun 14 2019 at 04:27PM UTC.


Posted on Mar 02 2021 at 03:58PM UTC.

Control Unit Not finished. Please Finish it.

Posted on Oct 19 2021 at 02:59PM UTC.

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