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Half Adder
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4-bit Full Adder
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A basic circuit and an universal circuit using NAND gate for Half adder
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Full Adder
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16-bit Prefix Adder

16-bit Prefix adder to perform addition even faster, it's a form of carry-lookahead adder (CLA).

The speed up is especially significant for adders of 32-bit, or more. This is only a demo.
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4-Bit Adder
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It adds!
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Everything is working great in this build!  So I will be taking about a week break from this.
Well except single pixel drawing on GPU but more on that later.

I included a Hello World program and a screen clear test program running by default.
But I would love to see what programs people can come up with. So definitely fork this and make your own programs for it, and link them in the comments below!

Also I am working on adding more instructions for the cpu and the gpu, let me know what might be useful in the comments and definitely check my in progress updates below!

I am running into an issue with per pixel drawing giving a contention error which doesn't make sense as i have tested the chip. unless the rgb screen col and row pins are also outputs i don't get what is going on.

For now though i'm taking a break from that and working on implementing some more of the OPs.

Here is a list of instructions. I'll add descriptions soon.
Anything with a * before it is not implemented yet.
0 NOP [0]
1 JMP [1]
2 SETA [10]
3 SETB [11]
4 LDA [100]
5 LDB [101]
6 WRA [110]
7 WRB [111]

*8 IA [1000]
*9 IB [1001]
*10 DA [1010]
*11 DB [1011]
*12 SLA [1100]
*13 SLB [1101]
*14 SRA [1110]
*15 SRB [1111]

16 ADD [1 0000]
17 SUB [1 0001]
18 MUL [1 0010]
19 DIV [1 0011]

20 EQL [1 0100]
21 NEQL [1 0101]
22 GRT [1 0110]
23 LSS [1 0111]
24 GRQL [1 1000]
25 LEQL [1 1001]

26 SSP [1 1010]
27 PUSH [1 1011]
28 POP [1 1100]
29 LTS [1 1101]

*30 PROC [1 1110]
*31 EPROC [1 1111]

32 SAS [10 0000]
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Super Sumador

Using flip flops, assming the propagation time is 6ns for each flip flop, for exmaple 32 bits adder with: 6*32 = 192ns.
With this adder (32*3)=96ns for to add 32 bits.

192-96 = 96ns faster!

For more info, [email protected]
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Full Adder 1 bit
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Basic Circuits for Year 13

Some basic circuits to help show how they work for Year 13 Computer Science
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FullAdder From 2 HalfAdders
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Three input adder
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Full Adder