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I finally did it.
I made my own 8-bit CPU! With a bit of inspiration from other CircuitVerse projects and from a book called, Digital Computer Electronics.
The premade program does this: 12 + 6 - 3 + 2 (which equals 17)

program the computer by typing in the opcodes in the ROM

Opcodes: (X = address)
0X = Load X's value to Accumulator
1X = Add X's value to Accumulator
2x = Subtract X's value from Accumulator
ee = Take Accumulator's value and put it in the Output
ff = Halt/stop everything

Versions (Date format: DD/MM)
9/11 v1.0 - Finally finished it!
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8-bit Asynchronous Counter with Hex Display
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8-Bit Magnitude Comparator
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Asynchronous Up Counter 8 bit
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Synchronous Up Counter 8 bit with Enable and Reset buttons
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A simple 8-bit full adder / substractor.

S will compute the result of A + B or A - B

Use 7 bit numbers in subtraction mode (at least for B, to prevent an overflow).
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User Image PPK

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8 bit ram