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Full Adder (Only NAND)

Addition has never been so easy!

From NandGame.
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A multiplier that operates with two 8 bits numbers.

Constructed with two 16 bits registers, one 8 bits register, a control unit and an adder.

  1. If the less significant bit of the multiplier is 1 then the multiplicand is added to the product, otherwise no addition is made.
  2. The multiplicand is shifted one bit to the left.
  3. The multiplier is shifted one bit to the right.

This is my first version of a functional multiplier, I'll be working on a more efficient version.

Changes: Control unit has been simplified. Added a new input wich allows the circuit to do a division

Note: I'm trying to fix some errors that happen in very specific cases.
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Full Adder made from NOT and OR gates