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Author: Derek Wheeler

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Yet Another Ben Eater Inspired Simple As Possible System

I'm following along with the excellent YouTube instructional series Building an 8-bit breadboard computer! by Ben Eater.

Note that he credits the book "Digital Computer Electronics" by Albert Paul Mauvino for many of the SAP (Simple As Possible) ideas.

I'm mostly keeping it the same as his computer except:

  • I decided to have an 8-bit address space rather than 4-bits. 
  • Indirect mode instructions require another register.
  • Instructions only take as many clock cycles as they need as opposed to each instruction taking the same number of cycles and shorter instructions wasting the leftover cycles.
  • I didn't implement the hex or digital multi-segment displays... man that looked tedious!
  • I ended up having to do the microcode using combinational logic rather than EEPROM as the circuitverse EEPROM currently only supports 8 address lines and I needed at least 10
  • I added 8 bit x 8 bit multiplication. This also involves a second accumulator register which is used with the primary accumulator to house the 16 bit result.

Created: Oct 11, 2020

Updated: Aug 26, 2023


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theres some dumb error i couldn't read
Posted on Apr 23 2021 at 10:33PM UTC.
error: bitwidth error: 8 to 8
Posted on May 13 2021 at 04:00PM UTC.