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16 Bit calculator that should be able to do most problems comprising of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division through coding it

Cant do negatives or decimals

Can be programmed to do a variety of things, and can output to either numerical display, or a graphical display(yes you can graph functions to an extent)

Old project from awhile ago that I stopped working on due to lack of ideas
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Suma de Enteros con Signo

Sumador binario de 8 bits.

Circuito capaz de sumar y restar con el uso de un bit de control.

El led indica la ocurrencia de Overflow en suma y resta.

Se aplico la siguiente lógica combinacional.

Overflow = (A(k−1) ∧ B(k−1) ∧ ¬S(k−1)) ∨ ( ¬A(k−1) ∧ ¬B(k−1) ∧ S(k−1) )

(k-1): representa el bit más representativo de las palabras A, B y S.