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Binary substracter
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2 Bit Adder

Just your basic 2-bit adder.
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(4-Bit Storage)*4
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Binary Counter
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Decimal to Binary Conversion
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synchronous binary counter

synchronous binary counter
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Binary counter

A binary to 7 segment counter, pretty cool! (FINALLY, 5 DIGITS)
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Full adder,
4-bit Binary Adder-Subtractor
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4-bit BCD WIP

4-bit binary to BCD converter
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a simple computer

a simple computer that does logic and counting.


01100: AND

00100: OR

10000: XOR

01010: count from 0-9
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2 Bit Counter without Zero (1,2,3,1,...)

This is a 2 bit counter using d flip-flops that skips 0. The sequence is 1, 2, 3, 1, 2,... .
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Binary Calculator

A simple binary calculator.
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4-bit counter

4-bit binary counter built on D flop-flops. If CLK MODE is high, counter increments on negative-going edge, otherwise it increments on positive-going edge
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Binary to gray code 6 bit
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flash adc: thermocode to binary (2 bit)

thermocode to binary converter with bubble error correction (inputs are inverted, so 1111 is binary 00)
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4-bit Binary to Grey and Grey to Binary
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This version of the decoder 4 bits to 7 segments is built with ROM, within which I wrote the codes 0x3F, 0x06, 0x5B, 0x4F, 0x66, 0x6D, 0x7D, 0x07, 0x7F, 0x6F, 0x77, 0x7C, 0x39, 0x5E, 0x79 and 0x71. This device shows all 16 hexadecimal symbols on the common-cathode LED display, corresponding to the 4 bit binary input.
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Async binary down counter
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Codificador binário gray

codificador de binário para gray com 4 bits // 4 bit binary to gray.
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This is a Hexadecimal ALU with 6 status flags!

UF and OF are underflow and overflow respectivly
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The circuit was made by a beginner to get some experience working with logic gates, k-maps and simulation software, there are many things that can be improved. Open for suggestions.
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This is the second addition of the B8 Series. Otherwise known as the BURTONABLE 8 256 it is capable of running programs 256 lines long! as well as 7 instructions to use

LDA 0001: Loads the given value into the Accumulator

ADD 0010: The given value will be added to the accumulator

SUB 0011: The given value will be subtracted from the accumulator

OUT 1110: Shows the output of A and B

HALT 1111: Stops all

PRT 0110: Prints a 7 bit ASCII character to the TTY

CLRTTY 0101: Clears the TTY element

DRAW BLACK 1001: Draws the color black to the X (4 bits) and the Y (4 bits)

DRAW WHITE 1011: Draws the color white to the X (4 bits) and the Y (4 bits)

JC 1100: Only jumps up by the given data if 2 negative numbers add up to a positive number

sometimes the codes get corrupted just spam reset a couple times

FUN CODES: To use them, just double click the EEPROM

To retrieve a code just press the save button and then open the dev console (FN + Volume up MAC) or F12 (PC)

To put codes in the EEPROM double click it and paste the code



I would love to see your codes too so post them in the comments!


Oh and also The original B8 got deleted :(
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BCD to 7 segment decoder

This decodes binary to decimal then outputs it to a 7-segment display.
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Convert Binary to 2 bit
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Same as V2 exempt that there is a Jump if zero command

JO: Jumps if the ALU output is 0

And you can under stand things better!

(these instructions arent done)
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A collection of binary adders with Binary, Hex, and Decimal input and output representation
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4 Bit Binary Parallel adder
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Takes a 5-digit binary input and turns it into the top segment of a 7-segment display.
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This is an Interactive project where you input a number in binary format. You will get an output of the same number in decimal on the 7-segment led display. (if that number = 580. That's my roll no so that's why :) (But you can build one for yourself :)

It will give output only when the input number = 580. Otherwise, it glows an red LED. 

You can change this to any number yourself. Just change the connections yourself to the LED and 7 segment display

The input is 12 bits which would support numbers up to 4095. You can increase the bit length of the input for an even greater range. 

Get an output of the number you entered on the 7-segment display.

We also have a switch to turn the display off altogether irrespective of the input given.

Submitted by

Name:- Abhinav Deshpande

Roll no.=IMT2022580