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16bit adressable RAM

16bit adressable RAM
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16bit Computer

16bit Computer

Pls Help me!
i made RAM and MAR for my computer and i want know how to make it better, if you have somthing on your heart pls tell me it. I am still working on it.

(I'am new, please dont hurt me)
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About the Combinox R1:

This is the third 16-bit CPU I have made. Its new name was inspired by the new combinational code. It is also my first computer to feature a graphics and base ten display. As a result of its brand new architecture, code, and clock it is much faster than my previous CPUs. 

Directions for use:

Choose the desired EEPROM program and insert it into the slot. First press the "RESET" button. Now press the "ON" button and enjoy your program.

Descriptions of programs:

blank: A blank EEPROM to be coded.

count up forever: Counts up by one until it reaches 65,535 then loops back to 0.

2+2: adds 2+2 and displays the output to the number display

transfer from keyboard to display: Displays the ascii value of whatever key is being entered on the keyboard.

random noise: Displays random noise on the screen.

Fibonacci: calculates the Fibonacci sequence 


Sanderokian Stfetoneri - clock

Sanderokian Stfetoneri - 16 bit division