Support CircuitVerse

CircuitVerse aims to be free for ever and we promise that we will not run ads! The project is open source and to ensure its continued development and maintenance we need your support. You can show us your support the following ways.

Contact us @ [email protected]

Join our chat room @ Slack

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If you are a fan you can
  • Create amazing circuits and share on the platform
  • Find and report bugs. Become a bug hunter
  • Introduce the platform to your buddie
  • If you are a developer you can
    • Contribute to the open source project
    • Add new features to the CircuitVerse project
    • Find and fix bugs to the CircuitVerse project
    If you are a teacher you can
    • Introduce the platform to your students
    • Promote the platform within your circles
    • Create exciting educational content using CircuitVerse
    If you are a company or organisation, you can
    • Become a CircuitVerse Partner (see Patreon)
    • Contact support for more details
    If you have enough money to spare
    • Become a patreon (recurring pledge)
    • Donate via PayPal
      (one time)

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