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4 Digit Keyboard Lock With Simple Passcode Change Public Release

The final version of this for now, I removed the need to only press the button when the light was off, making it much more user friendly, and simplified the instructions alot
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-reset before beginning-

type whatever you want on the Type pad 2000* using its state-of-the-art (non-removable) keyboard

then read it back by clicking on the ''Read/type'' button

change the scroll speed with the ''scroll speed'' and then visualize the speed by looking at the multy colored LEDs 

with its whopping 1000 character space, you can write whatever you want in it without fear of emptying the storage space**

*backspace not included

**filling the memory will cause overflow and overwrite over previously written text
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Self-Typing Keyboard

Nothing fancy just trying it out. Turns out I made a keyboard, sort of.
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For the best experience set the clock speed to as low as you can.

This is a work in progress computer.

 Make sure before using the computer click the reset button. Now the computer should be primed and ready. You can use different programs by connecting the EEPROMs in the program socket where the red arrows are pointing then set "turn on" to 1. 

Description of programs:

is 4 equal to 4:     This displays a one on the hex display because 4 is indeed equal to 4 and 1 basically means true to a computer.

write a number:     This displays on the hex display whatever number is being inputted on the "input a number" stepper.

jump showcase:     This uses the jump command to turn on and off the hex display in an infinite loop.

blank:     This is an empty EEPROM,  if you want to, copy paste it then write some code with the coding interface on it and plug it into the socket. Make sure not to just code random gibberish as this may cause the cpu to have an error.