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This is a CPU witch is capable of executing a lot of stuff in one clock cycle, and this CPU can shift left up to 7 times and shift right up to 7 times witch means that it is possible to  multiply and divide in one clock cycle if you program a table in the program memory. it has a 32 bit instruction width and a 8 bit address. it also has 

The ALU has the following operations:

  • ADD
  • SHIFT_LEFT (up to 7 times per cycle 3 bit)
  • SHIFT_RIGHT (up to 7 times per cycle 3 bit)
  • XOR
  • OR
  • NOT

This Was made by miles
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Circuito sumador con carry out

Enunciado del Problema:

Realizar el diseño de un Sumador Total (Full Adder) de un bit. En el proceso de diseño, se debe considerar tres entradas ( a, b, CarryIn) y dos salidas(Sum, CarryOut).

Para obtener el circuito equivalente con compuertas lógicas utilizar mapas de Karnaugh.

Se podría utilizar el método analizado en clase mediante tablas de

verdad y ecuaciones del álgebra de Boole para contrastar los resultados obtenidos con los mapas de Karnaugh.

Adicionalmente, obtener el equivalente del sumador total con compuertas NAND y verificar el funcionamiento del sumador total en el emulador

Nota: En el proceso de diseño, considerar que se podrían utilizar compuertas exclusivas (XOR).
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An 8-bit addition/subtraction unit with two's complement arithmetic and an accumulator.

BCD displays are added for nicer user experience.

First steps in CircuitVerse
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Increaser / Decreaser

Just for fun. 3 bit counter with two buttons to either increase or decrease the value. Setting fixed will disable overflowing or underflowing.
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