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4-bit full adder
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4-bit Odd parity bit generator

4-bit Odd parity bit generator using XOR and XNOR
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4 bit Asynchronous Counter using JK FlipFlops
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Full adder,
4-bit Binary Adder-Subtractor
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4 Bit Asynchronous Counter using JK Flip-FLop
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4-bit counter

4-bit binary counter built on D flop-flops. If CLK MODE is high, counter increments on negative-going edge, otherwise it increments on positive-going edge
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Neutrino v1.1.1

My first computer on here!


  • 4-bit
  • Basically useless

Current Version: 1.0.0


v1.0.0: The base, 4-bit, clunky computer

v1.1.0: Added the Atom I, a 16-bit RAM chip. I'm getting closer to automation!

v1.1.1: Added some extra information