CPU Microprocessor
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Author: Bethany

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Working CPU with eight 8-bit registers and eleven commands. Instructions in the project, command list below.


LDA r - loads value from register r into accumulator
STA r - stores accumulator value in register r
CLR r - clears register r
INC r - increments the value of register r and replaces into r
DEC r - decrements the value of register r and replaces into r
COM r - stores the complement of the value in register r in the accumulator
ADD r - adds value in register r to the accumulator
SUB r - subtracts accumulator value from value in register r, replaces into accumulator
AND r - stores value of (accumulator AND r) in accumulator
IOR r - stores value of (accumulator OR r) in accumulator [inclusive or]
XOR r - stores value of (accumulator XOR r) in accumulator [exclusive or]

*Eight 8-bit registers: r must be a value between 0 and 7 and refers to the address of the register, not its contents*

Created: Aug 26, 2020

Updated: Aug 26, 2023


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they forgot to use the stop / go input wire which makes it useless
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