CircuitVerse for Teachers

CircuitVerse has been designed to be very easy to use in class. The platform has features to assist teachers in class and assignments.

Create Groups

Teachers can create groups and add their students to them! To create a group, simply click on your username and navigate to the groups page. Click on new groups to create a group.

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Add students to your group

You can add students by clicking on the add member buttons. Then, enter the list of emails separated by commas. Students will be added automatically if they are registered with CircuitVerse. If not, an invitation will be sent to register. Once they register, they will be added automatically.

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Post Assignments

To create an assignment, simply click the 'add a new assignment' button and give the details of the assignment. Assignments will automatically close on the due date unless the teacher reopens it.

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Grading assignments

Grading assignments are very easy with the in build preview. Simply select the student to review his/her work.

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Use interactive Circuits in Blogs/Study Materials

Make sure the project is public. Click on embed, to get the embed HTML5 code, then simply embed the circuit in your blog.

Embed Interactive Circuits in PowerPoint

Make sure the project is public. Click on embed, get the embed HTML5 code, and embed the circuit in your PowerPoint. Use a powerpoint plugin like Live Slides to embed the live Circuit. Our team is currently developing a custom plugin to make this process easier.

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Have a feature in mind?

If you have a feature in mind, we would love to hear it!

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