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Author: Sira0909

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A programable CPU/Proccessor/computer/whatever this qualifies as! 256 bytes of RAM/Memory, a working ALU and processor, and programable. Takes commands as 32 bit inputs, explained at the top of the "CURRENT PROGRAM" subcircuit, currently setting the first variable to 3 and then incrementing it. to edit the program, change the constants at the top of the CURRENT PROGRAM subcircuit to the commands you want(commands are listed in the processor subcircuit). note: variables, if not set to a value somewhere previous in a program, will not be 0, but undefined(red). also, all numbers are stored as 8 bit, and will roll over. there is no difference between adding 255 and subtracting 1. if you want to use a different ALU, make sure to either adjust commands in the programs you make or use the same ones as mine.

Created: Apr 15, 2024

Updated: Jun 11, 2024


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