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A sample circuit that writes and reads to an EEPROM.
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EEPROM Interactive Programmer

A relatively user friendly interactive 16-bit EEPROM programmer.  

EEPROM is broken into 128 pages, each with 8 words of memory, corresponding to the size of a single ROM module.


"Page Select" register controls which page is currently being accessed.  

"Write Page" overwrites the active page with the contents of the entry ROM module.  

"Display" outputs the current page to the LCD.  

"Display After Write" register may be used to suppress displaying newly written pages, which may be useful for streaming since the programmer cannot read and write at the same time.
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I'm using an EEPROM to replace combinational logic. The address is the decimal number in binary (or the counter). The data out is the 7-seg display (the leftmost bit is the decimal point).
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Asynchronous 16 - Segment Array


Set both buttons to off (RED). Now reset the sequencer and turn on button 1 and 2 (set to GREEN). 

Button 1 controls the data fed to the displays.

OFF = Clear all displays ON = Programmed message

Button 2 controls the clock.

To change the message, dump the core or reset the EEPROM and rewrite the suitable data for the 16-Segment Displays. If the new message contains lesser or more letters/numbers to show, make suitable changes to the Sequencer and change the number of displays used.