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4-bit Multiplier

Demonstration of a N x N multiplier with 4-bit numbers.
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4-bit Divider

Demonstration of a N x N divider with 4-bit numbers.
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4 BIT basic logic

This is a part of a project to construct a 4 BIT CPU from scratch. I will be starting with a simple NOR gate and building it up to a working model with ALU registers, RAM and ROM. I will be designing an op code and assembler to go with it. Progress and detail can be found on my blog here

This file cotains 4 bit versions of basic logic gates.
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Full Adder 1

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4 bit full adder with carry input

studying purpose
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Synchronous Up Counter 4 bit
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Asynchronní čítač 4 bit čítající dolů
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Synchronní čítač 4 bit čítající nahoru, s resetem a povolením pro chod
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4 Bit Magnitude Comparator Circuit

4 Bit Comparator circuit

A - A3 A2 A1 A0    B - B3 B2 B1 B0

A = B when, A3=B3,A2=B2,A1=B1,A0=B0. 

A>B when, A3>B3 OR A3=B3 AND A2>B2 OR A3=B3 A2=B2 AND A1>B1 OR A3=B3 A2=B2 A1=B1 AND A0>B0.

A<B when, A3<B3 OR A3=B3 AND A2<B2 OR A3=B3 A2=B2 AND A1<B1 OR A3=B3 A2=B2 A1=B1 AND A0<B0.
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This is My 4 Bit computer with 6 instructions just like the SAP Computer. :)


00 NOP

1x LDA

2x ADD

3x SUB

ee OUT

ff END


This computer cannot calculate more than 2 numbers

This Example Program shows 5+7 and 4-5.

To Program, Set the Reset Bit to 1 and Program the ROM.

To Run the Program, Set the Reset Bit to 0.

The Numbers in the output are in Two's Complement so if the number is more than 7 

than the number will be negative because 7 is the biggest number in 4 bits.
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Clase 3 de Mayo
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My first project on this site!

this 4 bit adder is fully decimal, that means the number you input is decimal and the answer will also be in decimal. 

The circuit consists of a decimal-to-binary converter, an 4 bit adder and a binary-to-decimal converter.

The circuit is made without sub-circuits.

To use the adder, click any number you want on the left and right side of the plus. The answer will appear on the right side, in decimal and binary.
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Contador de Décadas

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The 4-bit adder which can do math on 4-bit integers and display on 2 7-segment LEDs.

This project is owned by Lu Xuan Minh - student of HCMUT.

Everyone can fork my project for the purpose of studying and researching.

Thank you for your viewing!

Lu Xuan Minh

Email: [email protected]
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binary to gray
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A collection of binary adders with Binary, Hex, and Decimal input and output representation