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8B Addressable RAM

8 Bytes of addressable Memory. 3 Inputs top left are address, 8 inputs above flip-flops are data in, and button above data in is write. (Don't hurt me I'm new)
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Static RAM

Emulation of 'static RAM', which is essentially built from D-type flip-flops.

The principal difference between this and the standard RAM component in CircuitVerse is that all the static RAMs in this project are edge-triggered for write (reading is asynchronous).

The basic building block is the 1x8-bit SRAM circuit - a single byte of memory, built from an 8-bit D-type flip flop.

16 of these are then used in a 4 x 4 grid to build the 16x8-bit SRAM circuit, which now includes the necessary 4-bit address decoding circuitry.

16 of these are then used in a 4 x 4 grid to build the 256x8-bit SRAM circuit.

The pattern could be applied recursively to build, in turn, a 4KB, 64KB, 1MB chip, and so on.
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this is a full verision of satvic ramaprasad SAP


nop 0000

lda 0001

sta 0010

ldi 0011

add 0100

sub 0101

jmp 1000

jc 1001

jz* 1010

stc* 1101

out 1110

hlt 1111

*coming soon
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Experiment 3 - RAM Design