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2 Bit asynchronous counter by using D-flipflop

This is a 2-bit asynchronous counter.
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2 bit asynchronous counter using JK-Flipflop

This is a  2-bit asynchronous counter.
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3-Bit synchronous up counter using JK-Flipflop

This is a 3-bit synchronous counter.
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this is a seven segment counter
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4-bit Even synchronous counter

This is a 4-bit even synchronous counter.
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Programable 24 hour clock created with T FlipFlops and 7 segment Displays. FlipFlops were used to create 0-59 and 0-23 counters.

Reloj de 24 horas programable que utiliza FlipFlops tipo T y Displays de 7 segmentos. Los FlipFlops se utilizaron para crear contadores de 0-59 y 0-23.
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Toggleable Clock

A clock circuit that can be toggled on or off. When the input is set to 1, the output will recieve power on and off like a clock. When the input is 0, the output stays at 0.
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A Clock with a Display for Hours, Minutes and Seconds. Could be used too as a Counter with Stop and Go.

You can turn it On and Off, Reset the Clock and choose between 24h or 12h.

In the Simulator set the Clock Time to 500 ms to have the right timing for each second.

For Fun I added some blinking dots where you can change the Blinking mode.

Maybe I add a Fully RGB DOT Color Change in the Future :)