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Super Sumador

Using flip flops, assming the propagation time is 6ns for each flip flop, for exmaple 32 bits adder with: 6*32 = 192ns.
With this adder (32*3)=96ns for to add 32 bits.

192-96 = 96ns faster!

For more info, [email protected]
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This is part of a project to construct a 4 BIT CPU from scratch. I will be starting with a simple NOR gate and building it up to a working model with ALU registers, RAM and ROM. I will be designing an op code and assembler to go with it. Progress and detail can be found on my blog here

This file contains the ALU
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Computer Systems Architecture

32-bit ALU, only with AND, OR, and ADDER/SUBTRACTOR.
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3bit multiplier (2 ticks)
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7-bit adder with carry