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Just tried to see if I can control the screen change by a RAM.
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A simple memory project
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rom and display
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Experiment No. 9 b: Implementation of flip flops: JK.

Done by:

Saranga K. Mahanta

Sch Id:18-14-038
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Experiment No 9 d: Implementation of flip flops: SR, JK, D and T

Done by:

Saranga K. Mahanta

Sch Id: 18-14-038
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Experiment No. 9 c: Implementation of flip flops: D flip flop.

Done by:

Saranga K. Mahanta

Scholar Id: 18-14-038
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(4-Bit Storage)*4
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I'm using an EEPROM to replace combinational logic. The address is the decimal number in binary (or the counter). The data out is the 7-seg display (the leftmost bit is the decimal point).
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256-bit RAM

A 256-bit RAM, made with only basic logic gates. Example usage inside.
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8-bit memory
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16 byte memory with scrolling words
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memory address

circuit to allow  a memory element to become a programmable controller
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memory template

just MEMORY  

a couple (2) of nor gates
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memory unit

made this im bored ok .
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Memory Bit

Stores 1 bit ONLY if the store bit is on.
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A working 4kB memory module that provides byte-addressable 1-byte words.
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a 64 Bit Memory