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Comparator Circuit
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ELT 146 Combination Lock
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2-bit magnitude comparator(A=B)

This is a 2-bit magnitude comparator for A=B.
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2-bit magnitude comparator(A<b></b>

This is a 2-bit magnitude comparator for A<B.
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This is my binary comparator, that compares two 4-bit binary numers (A and B) and outputs whether A=B, A>B or A<B. 

I normaly like to build circuits in Minecraft, but for this "bigger" project I needed to use something quicker and easier.

Maybe this comes in handy for someone :-)

Inputs (on the left):

- Number A {A4, A3, A2, A1}

- Number B {B4, B3, B2, B1}

- chp_enb - chip enable ... When set to 1, enables the output

Outputs (on the right):

- A=B

- A>B

- A<B
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4 - bit magnitude comparator
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8-Bit Magnitude Comparator
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This project includes an application of digital logic to a password comparing machine. For more informations or questions about that design project you write an email to the following address: [email protected]
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4 Bit Magnitude Comparator Circuit

4 Bit Comparator circuit

A - A3 A2 A1 A0    B - B3 B2 B1 B0

A = B when, A3=B3,A2=B2,A1=B1,A0=B0. 

A>B when, A3>B3 OR A3=B3 AND A2>B2 OR A3=B3 A2=B2 AND A1>B1 OR A3=B3 A2=B2 A1=B1 AND A0>B0.

A<B when, A3<B3 OR A3=B3 AND A2<B2 OR A3=B3 A2=B2 AND A1<B1 OR A3=B3 A2=B2 A1=B1 AND A0<B0.
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1 Bit Digital Comparator ckt

In 1 Bit comparator ckt,

when A<B, C = A'B ; A>B, E = AB' ; and A=B , D= A xnor B
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1bit comparator
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2bit magnitude comparator
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2 bit comparator
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2 bit comparator
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This is a Hexadecimal ALU with 6 status flags!

UF and OF are underflow and overflow respectivly