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4 to 2 priority encoder with tristate
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8 to 3 priority encoder
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Keypad Encoder MM74C923

This is the MM74C923 4 X 5 keypad encoder. It will encode up to a maximum of 20 keys into a 5 bit binary value. Inputs and outputs are virtually the same as the actual chip except I have added a clock select (CLK SEL) input to tell the chip to use the internal or external clock  

CLK SEL = L  - internal clock 

CLK SEL = H - external clock

since CircuitVerse does not have a simple pushbutton switch, a few AND and Or Gates are needed to get the "Button" to work correctly. As well, because of the slow clock rate (50ms) you have to hold the button for about a second for it to register. See the test circuit for example. 

Since the actual encoding is done with an EEPROM, you can change what values are output for each X-Y key combination which is great if you have a custom keypad. Remember the X outputs and Y inputs are active Low.

Even though the MM74C923 has a latched output, I'm still feeding the key value to a 4 bit register which is set to load by the Data Available (DA) output from the MM74C923.

The data sheet can be found here.
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Decimal to Binary Encoder
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Decimal to Binary Encoder & Decoder
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By Yash Waghela
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4-bit value to Hex representation

Converts a 4-bit value to a 16-bit value that is readable by a 16-segment display.
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Encoder/Decoder (4x2/2x4)
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Encoder/ Decoder (8, 3)
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Codificador binário gray

codificador de binário para gray com 4 bits // 4 bit binary to gray.
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