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I'm using an EEPROM to replace combinational logic. The address is the decimal number in binary (or the counter). The data out is the 7-seg display (the leftmost bit is the decimal point).
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LAB 7 cecs 225
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Visualizing advanced counter with 7 segment display

U/D stands for UP/DOWN

M :

if the counter is in position 00 when the control signals change to 10 the counter must remain in position 00

if the counter is in position 11 when the control signals change to 11 the counter must remain in position 11
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seven segment display
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FSM Controller for lateral position of wheelchair

This was the final project for the college course Logic Design. The idea for the project was taken from CSE/EEE 120 Capstone Design Project Spring 2021, ASU, Tempe, Arizona, Prof. of Practice, Steven Millman (NXP).
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7 segment display

This is my own schema of 7 segment display. I am so glad it is working.
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This is our project: a grading system that provides grades on the basis of marks entered by the user subject-wise. It provides grades subject-wise on a 5-point grading scale.

You can set your marks for any subject. You can set the grade range as per your choice. The circuit will output the grade. 

It will also output pass or fail on a 7-segment display based on the total marks obtained and the passing marks.
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This is an Interactive project where you input a number in binary format. You will get an output of the same number in decimal on the 7-segment led display. (if that number = 580. That's my roll no so that's why :) (But you can build one for yourself :)

It will give output only when the input number = 580. Otherwise, it glows an red LED. 

You can change this to any number yourself. Just change the connections yourself to the LED and 7 segment display

The input is 12 bits which would support numbers up to 4095. You can increase the bit length of the input for an even greater range. 

Get an output of the number you entered on the 7-segment display.

We also have a switch to turn the display off altogether irrespective of the input given.

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Name:- Abhinav Deshpande

Roll no.=IMT2022580