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A circuit that adds two 3-bit numbers using a half-adder and a full-adder.

A circuit that takes two decimal numbers A and B as input and then splits in into their corresponding three bits using a splitter and then calculates their summation using XOR, AND and OR gates. This generates 4 output lines for 4 bits of the summation, and a reversed splitter is finally used to join the output lines to produce a 4-bit output and displayed using a Hex-Display. 

This is a ripple-carry adder.
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Simple computer

Simple computer

A simple computer.


commands listed in project.
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ECE 3254 - Project

ECE 3254 - Project

Sequentially display the digits 5-8-6-5
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This is a work in progress computer. 

Instructions on use: 

Make sure you set the clock speed to 50. First connect the desired EEPROM into the program socket. The double click the reset button on the user interface panel. Finally, turn it on using the on button.

Description of EEPROMS(more will be added soon):

Blank: This is a blank slate that you can code on. 

Jump Showcase: This uses the jump command to turn on and off the hex display in an infinite loop

Display Stepper: This detects whatever is being inputted on the input stepper and displays it on the hex display.