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AND and OR gates
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Fundamental Gates...
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AND gate

In this project you will get information about :

       1 : what is AND gate ?

       2 : Truth table for AND gate?

       3: Which operation is performed by AND gate?

       4:Circuit diagrams for two inputs.

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Design a circuit that takes as input two 4-bit numbers x and y and produces a single bit in the output, such that when x = y its output is 1, and when x ≠ y its output is 0. 

Hint: use four XNOR and one AND gate.
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Use two 2-to-4 DECODERS (with Enable bits) one INVERTER gate and two AND gates to implement a 3-to-8 DECODER (with Enable bit).
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This is a half adder.
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This is a subtractor.
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Basic Gates

Implementation of AND gate
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Basic Gates

This is the AND gate with its truth table. It has 2 inputs (A, B) and 1 output (Out).

The 2 inputs (A, B) can be 0 or 1, and the users can change (0 to 1 or 1 to 0) the value, with a click on each small box of each input.

The output (Out) has connected a red led to signal if the output is 1 or 0 (1 is red led, 0 is led without color).
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multiplication of two inputs
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planting scenerio

here we put two inputs X and Y where x=weather and Y=Moon phase

z is used for the output

and we use only the AND gate b\c of the condition
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Verifying Basic Gates

Verifying Basic Gates
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Experiment 1
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16-bit ALU
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