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EEPROM Decoder

EEPROM Decoder

An EEPROM Decoder with a 16 Segment Display

Original Creator: Payton

Link to project: Public 16 Segment Display Alphabet and Number Decoder Modular Circuit


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RGB LED Converter Test

RGB LED Converter Test
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Anyway, This is a circuit where I'm using a Priority Encoder to do this. When you press the change button 2 times of actually turning it off, it will say "set" then, After 6 seconds, the "set" word will be gone. (Bonus: The binary shows up in two different ways. 1. Shows up as the 7 SEG Display's Dot. 2. Shows up as a 3-bit output.)
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A little experiment of mine where I have a crap ton of digital logic stuff. Below I'll just have the whole list

  • Half & Full Adders
  • Half & Full Subtractors
  • 4 Bit Parallel Adders & Subtractors
  • 1, 2, 4 & 8 bit comparators
  • Encoders & Decoders
  • Latches & Flip Flops
  • Multiplexer
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2-4 Decoder

2-4 Decoder