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4-Bit Binary Counter (D F/F)

Simple, 4-bit binary (0-15) up-counter using D flip-flops.
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Digital Sequencial circuits

Digital Sequential circuits

RS, JK, D, T

Shift Registers (SISO, SIPO, PISO, PIPO)

Counters (Asynchronous and Synchronous)

Counters with Shift Registers (RING counter, JOHNSON's counter)
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D flip-flop
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JK flip-flop using AND and NOR gates
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Przerzutnik D
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This project includes an application of digital logic to a password comparing machine. For more informations or questions about that design project you write an email to the following address: [email protected]
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8-bit memory
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Synchronous 101 Sequence Detector with J-K' Flip Flops

Synchronous overlapping sequence detector that detects the bit pattern 101 using J-K' flip flops (74LS109).
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Synchronous Up / Down Counter with J-K' Flip-Flops

Synchronous 0-7 up counter and 7-0 down counter using J-K' flip-flops (74LS109).
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Synchronous 010 or 1001 Sequence Detector with J-K Flip Flops

Synchronous overlapping sequence detector that detects the bit patterns 010 and 1001 using J-K flip flops.
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