Whenver I open the circuit on ipad it displays blank Red Screen

Feedback • Asked 1 hour ago by Gaurav Parashar

I am trying to open the circuitverse on my iPad it shows a Red Screen of death. Can you please tell me why is shows like this. Details: Google Chrome version 92.0.4515.90. Ipad OS 12.5.6 Is is...

How do I reuse a made by me circuit in a new circuit page?

General • Asked 13 days ago by Fabio

I am creating gates and adders. I have created a half-adder and I can see it in the tab on the top. Now I would like to reuse it on a new circuit so that I can create a full-adder without having to...

Project stuck at the loading screen

Feedback • Asked 27 minutes ago by Lucas Morais Freire

i think I did some construction that broke CV and now my circuits are glitched (some of them don't appear in the different subcircuit tabs) and I can't interact with the project elements anymore

How do I increase the stack limit?

General • Asked 3 hours ago by Lourens

I am designing an FSM to simulate a ping pong game, and I can't simulate it due to exceeding the stack limit, how can I fix this?

Help! - 500 Internal Server Error

Feedback • Asked 26 minutes ago by Johan Amador

I'm having the next error with my main CV account. '500 Internal Server Error If you are the administrator of this website, then please read this web application's log file and/or the web serve...

recover my files saved on my PC and on line

General • Asked 11 minutes ago by Bill

I cannot recover my saved files

How do I open the developer console?

General • Asked 1 year ago by Nip Dip

There doesn't seem to be any hotkey or button for opening the developer console, so I am unable to access RAM or EEPROM content without the developer console, which makes programming very difficult...

Copy a circuit from one project to another

Feedback • Asked 4 months ago by Bruce Bergdahl

Is it possible to use or copy a subcircuit from one project for use in another? I'm looking to create a library of circuit as modules for various projects.

Is it possible to insert a sub circuit from one project into another project?

General • Asked 1 minute ago by Bruce Bergdahl

I've made a collection of circuits on a CPU project, and I've broken the project into a number of sub-circuits. I have a whole collection of nodes and I'd like to use them on other projects. Is t...

How can I change the background color in the Input, output, gates.. sections?

General • Asked 3 minutes ago by Pavel 94

It seems this parameter is not in the file [CV_CustomTheme.json] Is it possible to somehow get the file [CV_CustomTheme.json] with all possible parameters?

how do i demonstrate a basic short circuit in the simulator?

General • Asked 1 minute ago by Om Surase

I'm new to creating circuits, so I wanted to know if there is any way to simulate a basic short-circuit in the simulator

How do I create a group to invite my students

General • Asked 3 months ago by Kakou

How do I create a group to invite my students

how can i see the timing diagram?

General • Asked 1 year ago by Rounak Das

there is a toolbar for timing diagram, but I can't see the graph.

How do I set up a test with multi-bit inputs and outputs?

General • Asked a minute ago by Michael Anderegg

I see, how to chose the bandwidth of an input or output. But: How can specify the state/value of a multibit in- or output in a test case?

Cyclic Paths Problem

General • Asked 14 days ago by Eduardo

I am trying to build an 8-bit CPU with a 5-bit opcode, but sometimes when it tries to execute an instruction, usually the ones that have to write to memory, instead of bringing the R/W line high, i...

Is the a bidirectional connection?

General • Asked 1 year ago by Cupid Stunt

I'm trying to simulate a specific ram chip, but it uses bidirectional data pins. So far as I can tell there are input and output pins, but no way to combine them.

How do I take multiple input bits to use n to 2^n decoders, n>=2?

General • Asked 2 days ago by Baibhav Chakraborty

I have been in a dilemma for 5 mins. I have been looking at the forum for answer. However I couldn't find anything suitable. I need help.

How to submit an assignment?

General • Asked a minute ago by GMD Baloch

I have been added to a group and an assignment has been created in that group. I have created a circuit and I want to know how do I submit my assignment?

How do i change language

General • Asked 18 days ago by Bushra

I have to reset language of circutverse

Is there a way to make unconnected inputs high (for NAND gates)?

General • Asked 24 minutes ago by Jiun Choong

Is there a way to make unconnected inputs high (for NAND gates)? They seem to be low when they're unconnected

I do not know English

General • Asked 6 minutes ago by viperCib

я гадюка. я жив в україні в маріополі зараз живу в польщі. де знайти роботу??? гадюка

How do I drag select on some of my circuit

General • Asked 3 months ago by BenL

I want to select multiple components, but not select the whole circuit, so I can drag those components somewhere else or copy and paste them. Can I do this some how?

How do I implement a ring osclllator ?

General • Asked 22 days ago by Laurent

I tried having a constant (1) going into an AND gate, then a NOT with a cycle. The simulator complains heavily and I don't have any waveform coming out showing the expected oscillation. This is wha...

Project not allowing me to edit or download it

General • Asked a minute ago by sa

I was working on an online project the last couple of days and today when I try to log in back it just gives me the blue saving icon indefinitely, not allowing me to edit/download/save/ or do anyth...

Is there a way to use CircuitVerse on a portable device (touch screen)?

General • Asked 9 months ago by PRL

This may have been asked before… I want to use CircuitVerse on my iPad. I’m able to select elements and drop them onto the grid, but so far I can’t figure out how to do any of the “drag and dr...

load a project saved online

General • Asked 1 hour ago by Jacques Roth

I saved my project online, cannot find a way to load it. How do I load it?

How do I get a truth table automatically generated from a schematic I enter?

General • Asked 1 hour ago by JM

Having the tool generate a complete truth table for a schematic I have entered

What is going on with these XOR gates?

General • Asked 12 minutes ago by Bruno Krugel

Comparing 32-bit values with bitwise XOR is resulting in undefined bits.

How do I use the Force Gate?

General • Asked 9 months ago by Antrotherkus

Under the "Misc" tab, there is an item called the Force Gate. It's tooltip says "ForceGate Selected." which doesn't help. I am confused as to how to use the Force Gate, and it doesn't seem to be do...

How do I increase value on a single value

General • Asked 24 minutes ago by Andrew

Please help with this issue