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Move one circuit to another project?

General • Asked 1 year ago by Alex Poloniewicz

Alex Poloniewicz Commented on Dec 02, 2020:

Hi all,

How do I move one circuit in one project to another project? The circuit is quite large and would be just about impossible to recreate.

stu Commented on Dec 02, 2020:

I've had luck just hitting Ctl-A to select all on the circuit I want to move and then Ctl-C to copy and then going to the new project and pasting to a blank circuit tab (it even brings over the tabs for any sub-circuits).

Satvik Ramaprasad Commented on Dec 03, 2020:

Yes @stu is right, the best way would be to select everything and copy paste it. Alternatively you could just copy the required portion of your circuit (shift + drag) and copy/paste.