How does one increase the bitwidth (opposite of bitselector)?

General • Asked about 4 hours ago by Anton Bogun

I wanted to create a hex from separate inputs, but so far I don't see any way to do this. Help would be highly appreciated.


Project stuck with saving icon.

General • Asked 14 minutes ago by Ky Ky

My project I have spent a long time on is suddenly stuck in the loading screen and I cant save or change anything I have tried reloading the page and everything it still wont work.


previos offline saved projects issue

General • Asked about 3 hours ago by Fahad nabi

how can i find my offline saved projects


TestBench (link broken?)

General • Asked 2 days ago by stu

The link appears to be broken (I get a 404 error). Where can I find the test data generator, or at least a description of how to build a JSON file to load into a...