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Created by Pushkar Nailwal • 1 year ago
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Pushkar Nailwal

On  Jan 30, 2023

How to copy an existing circuit to a new circuit?

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On  Apr 25, 2023

Ciao capisco il tuo problema per risolverlo è molto semplice basta che premi il tasto SHIFT così puoi selezionare.

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Robin Hodson

On  Jul 07, 2023

CTRL-A, CTRL-C; then switch to a new circuit which you should have open in another window/tab, click the mouse roughly where you want it copied, then CTRL-V. You can also fork/copy it, from your index of circuits.

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On  Jul 12, 2023

Very good explanation but I think you wanted to know how to copy a part of the circuit without copying the whole thing and then delete what you don't need. Anyway to copy immediately what you need is very easy just press SHIFT+ RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON so then you have only selected what you want to copy but you haven't copied it yet so then just copy it normally with CTRL+C and then paste it with CTRL+V. (Sorry for my english)

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On  Jun 10, 2024

Hello @geometry dash , I understand your dilemma; the solution is simple: simply press the SHIFT key to choose.

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Cline Dwayne

On  Jun 11, 2024

Hi @hill climb racing To copy an existing circuit to a new one, first open the circuit in your design software and select the entire circuit or desired components. Use the copy command (usually Ctrl+C or Cmd+C). Open a new project or schematic in the software and use the paste command (Ctrl+V or Cmd+V) to place the copied circuit in the new file. Adjust the placement as needed and save the new project. This process applies to most EDA tools, simulation software, and online circuit design platforms.

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cie kalyl

On  Jun 17, 2024

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