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Standard font for text annotations

Created by Jefferson Elbert Simões • 1 month ago
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Jefferson Elbert Simões

On  Apr 26, 2023

Is there any way of changing the standard font used in CircuitVerse for text annotations? I'm planning on writing annotations such as hand-performed binary additions or truth tables, which are hard to align and arrange, and changing the default font to a monospace one would help.

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On  Apr 26, 2023

Select the text annotation for which you want to change the font. Click the "Text Properties" button in the toolbar. In the "Text Properties" window that opens, choose the font you want from the "Font" drop-down list. Click the "Apply" button to apply the changes. If you want the new font to be the default for all new text annotations, you can click the "Save as Default" button in the "Text Properties" window. Note that some fonts may not display correctly or be supported in CircuitVerse.

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