testbench link not working

General • Asked a minute ago by Ravindra Divekar

when I click on i get the 404 error - page not found. any suggestions?


How can I use decoder more than 1 Input

Feedback • Asked 2 days ago by Batuhan Şengül

We can use decoder with bitwidth but we can't connect more than 1 wire. Usually decoders has inputs = √output. Yes we can use decoders with bitwidth but we can't connect more than 1 wire. Anybody c...


move clock to Inputs, from sequential elements section

Feedback • Asked 3 days ago by Sandeep

clock is not a sequential element. pls move it to Inputs


how do i provide a clock to a D flip flop?

General • Asked 1 month ago by Sandeep

not able to see any option to provide a clock input to a flop


Use a different color wire for open outputs

Feedback • Asked 27 days ago by PRL

Since you support a Buffer gate with tri-state outputs (0, 1 and open), it would be useful to use a different color wire when it’s output is open. Currently it uses dark green (the same as a 0 out...


Change “Text Direction” option to “Text Position”

Feedback • Asked 27 days ago by PRL

The term “Text Direction” is confusion, as it implies how the characters in the text should be facing, rather than where the label should be positioned. it would be less confusing if you used “T...


Improving the ROM and EPROM elements

Feedback • Asked 27 days ago by PRL

A significant improvement to the ROM and EPROM elements would be to allow loading their contents from a file. The basic idea would be to load the ROM or EPROM from an uploaded file. You could s...


How do I implement a negative edge triggered JK Flip Flop?

General • Asked 4 months ago by BYSANI R NAVANEETH

The default Flip Flop is positive edge triggered, but I need a negative edge triggered flip flop. How can I implement that?


Windows 10 21H1 and WiFi Adapter

General • Asked 2 months ago by Grant

Among my various computers, I have an ASUS X205TA which is a 32-bit tablet. I have been installing the latest 21H1 version on my computers and the tablet is the last however, when attempting to ins...


How can I cite one of my projects in a peer reviewed journal paper?

General • Asked 2 months ago by Chetan Waghela

I want to cite one of my projects in a peer reviewed journal. Are there any copyright issues or things I need to take care of.


how to simulate cmos nor gate

General • Asked 2 months ago by kavi

how to search for pmos ,nmos in circuitverse


How does one increase the bitwidth (opposite of bitselector)?

General • Asked 2 months ago by Anton Bogun

I wanted to create a hex from separate inputs, but so far I don't see any way to do this. Help would be highly appreciated.


What does changing input size on logic gate do?

General • Asked 4 months ago by MANSURUL SHAFI

What does it change


Updating Simulator Window via Developer Console in Browser

General • Asked 2 months ago by mthimm2

I'm trying to find a way to update the circuit elements in the simulation canvas via the developer console. The reason for this is that I'm constructing a circuit where each stage has multiple elem...


simulation stack exceeded, but only for subcircuit

General • Asked 10 months ago by Derek Wheeler I created a minimum circuit that demonstrates a problem I saw in a larger circuit. In this circuit, there's an input with a trist...


Simulation Stack limit exceeded: maybe due to cyclic paths or contention

General • Asked 1 year ago by Kenneth

I'm reading the book called CODE by Charles Petzold. I'm currently in page 159 and I built a 8 bit binary adding machine that has 2 8 bit inputs. The sum is saved in an 8 bit level triggered D-type...


How do i install capacitors?

General • Asked 4 months ago by Kevin

I wanna put capacitors in my circuit, but i don't see them in the circuit elements. If you can't add them, please tell me an alternative to them that i can use in my circuits.


Project stuck with saving icon.

General • Asked 4 months ago by Ky Ky

My project I have spent a long time on is suddenly stuck in the loading screen and I cant save or change anything I have tried reloading the page and everything it still wont work.


My project doesn't open anymore

General • Asked 4 months ago by Artur Moura Souza

I am making a booth algorithm multiplicator, which is due today. The project was close to finish, but out of the absolut blue, the page froze and I have not being able to use it again ever since. I...


online saved projects?

General • Asked 4 months ago by Naveen yok

How do I view my online saved projects?


D flip flop

General • Asked 5 months ago by Ayush Raje Chak

what kind of triggering (positive edge or negative edge) is used in D flip flop here?


Pls Help

General • Asked 5 months ago by Lachlan

You have been asked to create a panel to control the signal being sent to a RGB light. The input must be 8 bit for each of Red, Green and Blue inputs (RGB). The panel must also test whether there i...


Does not work an a tablet

General • Asked 5 months ago by BG

The program does not work on a tablet such as an ipad. That is unfortunate. Is there a solution for this?


how do i find yhe decoder with 7 segment

General • Asked 9 months ago by afiqah

Where is the seven segment display


Error when there is 'voltage' at the output of a gate.

General • Asked 6 months ago by Merlin Hof

When I have a gate or an output pin in a sub circuit and there comes an active wire from other logic to the output of that gate or an output port of a sub circuit, there is an error which says 'Con...


how do i retreve my erased data

General • Asked 6 months ago by LALITH CHAITANYA

There is a pop-up saying "Project was successfully destroyed" lost all my circuits till date , what to do ?


Is it possible to add multiple teachers to a class?

General • Asked 7 months ago by Sarah Brown

I am trying to set up a class, but want to include multiple TAs in the course. Is this possible? Also, is it possible to change password/username associated with an account?



General • Asked 6 months ago by Anbazhagan

I have designed a digital clock. the output I got through 7 segment display. so now I want to only display the 7 segment display. my circuit should not be visible to others it must be hidden behind...


how do i simulate the system?

General • Asked 6 months ago by Prashan buccha

how can i simulate the circuit system ?


how do i load offline saved project

General • Asked 7 months ago by Shagun Dobhal

I was unable to save my project online so i saved it offline. Is there any way i can load the saved project and continue working on it?