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Created by Lachlan • 3 years ago
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On  Mar 25, 2021

You have been asked to create a panel to control the signal being sent to a RGB light. The input must be 8 bit for each of Red, Green and Blue inputs (RGB). The panel must also test whether there is no input (ie. All 0s for all inputs) and light up an LED if that is the case.

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On  Apr 25, 2024

@geometry dash meltdown Make sure you have configured your circuit properly. Sometimes, a small error in configuration can cause unexpected problems.

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On  May 21, 2024

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Nicholson Percy

On  Jun 12, 2024

Verify that you have correctly set up your circuit. Unanticipated geometry dash breeze issues can occasionally arise due to a minor configuration mistake.

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Angela Esper

On  Jul 22, 2024

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