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Sequential Logic Circuit 3 bit counter with T flip flops and 7 segment display with decoder
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6 MOD sequential Synchronous Counter with T FLip Flop

6-MOD synchronous sequential logic circuit counter with T Flip Flops.
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4-Bit Binary Counter (D F/F)

Simple, 4-bit binary (0-15) up-counter using D flip-flops.
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Assignment hai bro
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D flip-flop
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Synchronous 010 or 1001 Sequence Detector with J-K Flip Flops

Synchronous overlapping sequence detector that detects the bit patterns 010 and 1001 using J-K flip flops.
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Synchronous 101 Sequence Detector with J-K' Flip Flops

Synchronous overlapping sequence detector that detects the bit pattern 101 using J-K' flip flops (74LS109).
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mather fuq er last sequen

if x,y = 0,0

next state is same state

if x = 0,y = 1

next state is plus 1

if x = 1 ,y = 0

next state is minus 1

if x,y = 1,1

next state reset to 0
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Pseudo Random Number Generator

A 5-bit pseudo random number generator. Uses 5 D Flip-Flops to form a linear feedback shift register. The generator stops when put in a lock state of 00000. Push the button to start.
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This is a simple digital clock with basic combinational and sequential logic circuits.

It can display seconds, minutes, and hours

Users can set time by clicking the button and using the multiplexer to choose which to change.

Also, the design for the 4bits 7segment display and 3 bits 7segment display is inside.
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