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A 3 bit Moebius (or Jhonson) counter.
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Evaluacion Circuito D

The project is the presentation of Grey code using D Flip-Flops, with the use of a 7 segment display to show the numbers and a decoder (reference from jbox1) with the correct inside display (click the tab on the top that says '7 seg decoder' to view inside the decoder).

Authors: Yoceline Mata, Bryan Marquez & Ernesto Villarreal

Reference of jbox1:
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3-bit Multiplier

Incomplete project
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A circuit that adds two 3-bit numbers using a half-adder and a full-adder.

A circuit that takes two decimal numbers A and B as input and then splits in into their corresponding three bits using a splitter and then calculates their summation using XOR, AND and OR gates. This generates 4 output lines for 4 bits of the summation, and a reversed splitter is finally used to join the output lines to produce a 4-bit output and displayed using a Hex-Display. 

This is a ripple-carry adder.
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DSD Lab Assignment 2 (Task #3 - Version 2) - 3 Bit Signed Binary Number Magnitude Comparator
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Sync Up/Down counter up to 6!

My first slightly complicated circuit!