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Full Hexadecimal Addition Calculator

Ever wanted to add together 2 32 bit hexadecimal numbers? Never fear!

This hexadecimal calculator is inspired by common pocket calculators. In theory, it could be expanded to do other common functions (once I gain the technical know how to do so :/), but for now, it is capable of addition. The display was the most interesting part to make, but it should definitely feel quite similar to your everyday calculator.

Type in each hexadecimal number (0 - 9, a - f) (preferably one at a time) into the keyboard. The number will then be moved onto the display. Press "clear" to revert the inputted number. Press the "+" key to add the number to the memory. The display will then show the number stored in the memory. When a new number is input, the display will clear, and will show the new number. To clear the memory, press the "clear all" button.
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The Spectrogram MK 2! Now can accept not 1, but 3 input functions! Each function represents a primary color. Should two lines overlap, their colors will be added together. Otherwise, it will work perfectly. Feel free to use this to display various information of whatever ail's yah.
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Square LED Hex Display

An overcomplicated, ultra annoying LED display for HEX numbers. Enjoy at your own risk.
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Simple Display
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7 Seg Decoder

An entirely useless 7 Segment Decoder. I plugged each of the states of the 7 seg display into Windows Calculator's programmer function to convert them into hex, and put that into the hard drive. I wanted to make a wire matrix, but that doesn't work like I wanted it too, at least until diodes are added.

 Either way, this thing is entirely useless since you can just use the normal hexadecimal 7 seg display, but if you're a hipster who doesn't want to use bitwidths, go ahead and use this bugger all you want.
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A spectrogram display! Good for displaying graphs, data, numbers, e.t.c! Enjoy!
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Hexadecimal Calculator

An update to my previous calculator, this one does both addition and subtraction! It's inspired by common pocket calculators in real life, and should function exactly identical too one. Enjoy!