I need to switch to the subcircuit page for my main circuit update

General • Asked 11 minutes ago by Leonardo Souza

I made a comparator subcircuit to improve my CPU (it's a college activity). However, I always need to switch to the subcircuit page for my main circuit update the data which make use of these compa...


how do i find yhe decoder with 7 segment

General • Asked 27 minutes ago by afiqah

Where is the seven segment display


Potential file saving issue when using AdBlocker

General • Asked 2 minutes ago by Jeffrey Solin

I'm a teacher and I've had two student who lost all of their work and were unable to recover their projects. When they tried to save, the blue check animation just keeps going. It turns out both st...


How to use the include command in verilog to use another sub-circuit in the same project?

General • Asked 3 days ago by Cesar Andrey Perdomo

Example: Subcircuit verilog Halfadder module HalfAdder (a,b,s,c); input a,b; output s,c; wire nand_2_out_0,nand_3_out_0,nand_0_out_0,not_0_out_0,nand_1_out_0; nand nand_2 (nand_2_out_0,na...


TestBench (link broken?)

General • Asked 2 days ago by stu

The link appears to be broken (I get a 404 error). Where can I find the test data generator, or at least a description of how to build a JSON file to load into a...


Move one circuit to another project?

General • Asked about 23 hours ago by Alex Poloniewicz

Hi all, How do I move one circuit in one project to another project? The circuit is quite large and would be just about impossible to recreate.


simulation stack exceeded, but only for subcircuit

General • Asked about 1 month ago by Derek Wheeler I created a minimum circuit that demonstrates a problem I saw in a larger circuit. In this circuit, there's an input with a trist...


Error 404

General • Asked about 1 month ago by Pierre Depasse

When my added collaborators "Launch simulator" from a project I have created, they all obtain "Error 404". How to solve it ?


What should I do

General • Asked 19 days ago by Dishari D Tarafdar

I am unable to reset my password as it leads me to a screen saying that circuit verse cannot handle this request


how do i access my truth table?

General • Asked about 1 month ago by 4020 BEZAWADA SAI SRAVANYA

I can't able to access my truth table(combinational analysis) while doing my project which was given by the teacher I can able to get it in the simulator other than the project work