How do I reuse a made by me circuit in a new circuit page?

General • Asked 13 days ago by Fabio

I am creating gates and adders. I have created a half-adder and I can see it in the tab on the top. Now I would like to reuse it on a new circuit so that I can create a full-adder without having to...

How do I increase the stack limit?

General • Asked 3 hours ago by Lourens

I am designing an FSM to simulate a ping pong game, and I can't simulate it due to exceeding the stack limit, how can I fix this?

recover my files saved on my PC and on line

General • Asked 11 minutes ago by Bill

I cannot recover my saved files

How do I open the developer console?

General • Asked 1 year ago by Nip Dip

There doesn't seem to be any hotkey or button for opening the developer console, so I am unable to access RAM or EEPROM content without the developer console, which makes programming very difficult...

Is it possible to insert a sub circuit from one project into another project?

General • Asked 1 minute ago by Bruce Bergdahl

I've made a collection of circuits on a CPU project, and I've broken the project into a number of sub-circuits. I have a whole collection of nodes and I'd like to use them on other projects. Is t...

How can I change the background color in the Input, output, gates.. sections?

General • Asked 3 minutes ago by Pavel 94

It seems this parameter is not in the file [CV_CustomTheme.json] Is it possible to somehow get the file [CV_CustomTheme.json] with all possible parameters?

how do i demonstrate a basic short circuit in the simulator?

General • Asked 1 minute ago by Om Surase

I'm new to creating circuits, so I wanted to know if there is any way to simulate a basic short-circuit in the simulator

How do I create a group to invite my students

General • Asked 3 months ago by Kakou

How do I create a group to invite my students

how can i see the timing diagram?

General • Asked 1 year ago by Rounak Das

there is a toolbar for timing diagram, but I can't see the graph.

How do I set up a test with multi-bit inputs and outputs?

General • Asked a minute ago by Michael Anderegg

I see, how to chose the bandwidth of an input or output. But: How can specify the state/value of a multibit in- or output in a test case?