How does one increase the bitwidth (opposite of bitselector)?

General • Asked about 4 hours ago by Anton Bogun

I wanted to create a hex from separate inputs, but so far I don't see any way to do this. Help would be highly appreciated.


How do I implement a negative edge triggered JK Flip Flop?

General • Asked about 2 months ago by BYSANI R NAVANEETH

The default Flip Flop is positive edge triggered, but I need a negative edge triggered flip flop. How can I implement that?


What does changing input size on logic gate do?

General • Asked about 2 months ago by MANSURUL SHAFI

What does it change


Is the a bidirectional connection?

General • Asked 2 hours ago by Cupid Stunt

I'm trying to simulate a specific ram chip, but it uses bidirectional data pins. So far as I can tell there are input and output pins, but no way to combine them.


Windows 10 21H1 and WiFi Adapter

General • Asked 16 minutes ago by Grant

Among my various computers, I have an ASUS X205TA which is a 32-bit tablet. I have been installing the latest 21H1 version on my computers and the tablet is the last however, when attempting to ins...


Updating Simulator Window via Developer Console in Browser

General • Asked 2 hours ago by mthimm2

I'm trying to find a way to update the circuit elements in the simulation canvas via the developer console. The reason for this is that I'm constructing a circuit where each stage has multiple elem...


How do I use the Force Gate?

General • Asked a minute ago by Antrotherkus

Under the "Misc" tab, there is an item called the Force Gate. It's tooltip says "ForceGate Selected." which doesn't help. I am confused as to how to use the Force Gate, and it doesn't seem to be do...


simulation stack exceeded, but only for subcircuit

General • Asked 7 months ago by Derek Wheeler I created a minimum circuit that demonstrates a problem I saw in a larger circuit. In this circuit, there's an input with a trist...


Simulation Stack limit exceeded: maybe due to cyclic paths or contention

General • Asked 9 months ago by Kenneth

I'm reading the book called CODE by Charles Petzold. I'm currently in page 159 and I built a 8 bit binary adding machine that has 2 8 bit inputs. The sum is saved in an 8 bit level triggered D-type...


how can i see the timing diagram?

General • Asked 7 days ago by Rounak Das

there is a toolbar for timing diagram, but I can't see the graph.