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How do I prevent this this bitwidth error 8 and 1?

Created by Nightslasher • 1 year ago
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On  Feb 16, 2023

I don't know why the bitwidth error keeps occurring

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On  Apr 25, 2023

Se stai cercando di mettere un pulsante di input e ti da questo errore allora devi cliccare sul pulsante di input o il componente andare sotto proprietà (il riquadro nero che compare a bordo schermo quando si schiaccia un componente) e eguagliare il valore della larghezza dei bit con il pulsante di input e il componente o viceversa.

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Neil Abbott

On  Apr 23, 2024

@basketball stars This is not a bug, but rather an input required by the logic gates to function properly. Bit width indicates the length of the binary number to be calculated.

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lisa la

On  May 11, 2024

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Tô bô ci Chè

On  May 24, 2024

When working with 8-bit and 1-bit values, make sure to use the appropriate data types to avoid bitwidth mismatches. For example, use an 8-bit integer type (e.g., uint8_t) for the 8-bit value, and a boolean or 1-bit type for the 1-bit value. slope game

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On  Jun 05, 2024

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