Cyclic Paths Problem

General • Asked 14 days ago by Eduardo

I am trying to build an 8-bit CPU with a 5-bit opcode, but sometimes when it tries to execute an instruction, usually the ones that have to write to memory, instead of bringing the R/W line high, i...

Is the a bidirectional connection?

General • Asked 1 year ago by Cupid Stunt

I'm trying to simulate a specific ram chip, but it uses bidirectional data pins. So far as I can tell there are input and output pins, but no way to combine them.

How do I take multiple input bits to use n to 2^n decoders, n>=2?

General • Asked 2 days ago by Baibhav Chakraborty

I have been in a dilemma for 5 mins. I have been looking at the forum for answer. However I couldn't find anything suitable. I need help.

How to submit an assignment?

General • Asked a minute ago by GMD Baloch

I have been added to a group and an assignment has been created in that group. I have created a circuit and I want to know how do I submit my assignment?

How do i change language

General • Asked 18 days ago by Bushra

I have to reset language of circutverse

Is there a way to make unconnected inputs high (for NAND gates)?

General • Asked 24 minutes ago by Jiun Choong

Is there a way to make unconnected inputs high (for NAND gates)? They seem to be low when they're unconnected

I do not know English

General • Asked 6 minutes ago by viperCib

я гадюка. я жив в україні в маріополі зараз живу в польщі. де знайти роботу??? гадюка

How do I drag select on some of my circuit

General • Asked 3 months ago by BenL

I want to select multiple components, but not select the whole circuit, so I can drag those components somewhere else or copy and paste them. Can I do this some how?

How do I implement a ring osclllator ?

General • Asked 22 days ago by Laurent

I tried having a constant (1) going into an AND gate, then a NOT with a cycle. The simulator complains heavily and I don't have any waveform coming out showing the expected oscillation. This is wha...

Project not allowing me to edit or download it

General • Asked a minute ago by sa

I was working on an online project the last couple of days and today when I try to log in back it just gives me the blue saving icon indefinitely, not allowing me to edit/download/save/ or do anyth...