Is there a way to use CircuitVerse on a portable device (touch screen)?

General • Asked 9 months ago by PRL

This may have been asked before… I want to use CircuitVerse on my iPad. I’m able to select elements and drop them onto the grid, but so far I can’t figure out how to do any of the “drag and dr...

load a project saved online

General • Asked 1 hour ago by Jacques Roth

I saved my project online, cannot find a way to load it. How do I load it?

How do I get a truth table automatically generated from a schematic I enter?

General • Asked 1 hour ago by JM

Having the tool generate a complete truth table for a schematic I have entered

What is going on with these XOR gates?

General • Asked 12 minutes ago by Bruno Krugel

Comparing 32-bit values with bitwise XOR is resulting in undefined bits.

How do I use the Force Gate?

General • Asked 9 months ago by Antrotherkus

Under the "Misc" tab, there is an item called the Force Gate. It's tooltip says "ForceGate Selected." which doesn't help. I am confused as to how to use the Force Gate, and it doesn't seem to be do...

How do I increase value on a single value

General • Asked 24 minutes ago by Andrew

Please help with this issue

required assistant

General • Asked 1 minute ago by АНДРЕЙ

to throw off from your mail who wants to help

Is it possible to get the Clock faster than 50ms?

General • Asked 22 days ago by Belinus

Is it possible to get the Clock faster than 50ms? i found a way to double its speed up to 25ms but thats still too slow for my needs. Thanks for reading

Truth table

General • Asked a minute ago by O.Webster

How do i generate a truth table?

Need help

General • Asked 6 minutes ago by Rajesh R

I am not able to join the elements in the circuit what am I supposed to do now?