Project stuck with saving icon.

General • Asked 4 months ago by Ky Ky

My project I have spent a long time on is suddenly stuck in the loading screen and I cant save or change anything I have tried reloading the page and everything it still wont work.


My project doesn't open anymore

General • Asked 4 months ago by Artur Moura Souza

I am making a booth algorithm multiplicator, which is due today. The project was close to finish, but out of the absolut blue, the page froze and I have not being able to use it again ever since. I...


online saved projects?

General • Asked 4 months ago by Naveen yok

How do I view my online saved projects?


D flip flop

General • Asked 5 months ago by Ayush Raje Chak

what kind of triggering (positive edge or negative edge) is used in D flip flop here?


Pls Help

General • Asked 5 months ago by Lachlan

You have been asked to create a panel to control the signal being sent to a RGB light. The input must be 8 bit for each of Red, Green and Blue inputs (RGB). The panel must also test whether there i...


Does not work an a tablet

General • Asked 5 months ago by BG

The program does not work on a tablet such as an ipad. That is unfortunate. Is there a solution for this?


how do i find yhe decoder with 7 segment

General • Asked 9 months ago by afiqah

Where is the seven segment display


Error when there is 'voltage' at the output of a gate.

General • Asked 6 months ago by Merlin Hof

When I have a gate or an output pin in a sub circuit and there comes an active wire from other logic to the output of that gate or an output port of a sub circuit, there is an error which says 'Con...


how do i retreve my erased data

General • Asked 6 months ago by LALITH CHAITANYA

There is a pop-up saying "Project was successfully destroyed" lost all my circuits till date , what to do ?


Is it possible to add multiple teachers to a class?

General • Asked 7 months ago by Sarah Brown

I am trying to set up a class, but want to include multiple TAs in the course. Is this possible? Also, is it possible to change password/username associated with an account?