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Created by Anbazhagan • 3 years ago
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On  Feb 19, 2021

I have designed a digital clock. the output I got through 7 segment display. so now I want to only display the 7 segment display. my circuit should not be visible to others it must be hidden behind. when I open my dashboard I should only see the display .what to do.? reply ASAP

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hound attached

On  Apr 22, 2024

@doodle baseball Use an enclosure or casing to hide the circuitry. You can design or purchase a suitable case that fits your digital clock and has a transparent or translucent front panel to showcase the 7-segment display. This way, when you open your dashboard or look at the clock, you will only see the display without the internal circuitry.

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On  Apr 24, 2024

You can consider using a one-way mirror or tinted glass to cover the circuit, allowing the display to be visible while concealing the circuitry. This way, when you open your dashboard, only the display will be visible, creating a sleek and futuristic appearance akin to the spontaneous interactions on omegle new.

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Mikdos Lians

On  May 07, 2024

It is imperative that my circuit remains concealed from outsiders. I expect to see just the screen when I launch my dashboard. run 3

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On  Jun 05, 2024

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On  Jun 26, 2024

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