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The CircuitVerse Catalogue of Computers

The CircuitVerse Catalogue of Computers

This is the CircuitVerse Catalogue of Computers, a list of every computer I am aware of on this platform. I apologise for search optimising the Femto-4 and consequently burying other computers. If you have made/found any other computers do comment and I can consider adding them. Also please comment any corrections. This should also make verifying originality a lot easier.  

Completeness is based on the description (if it says it is complete). 

Completed Computers:


pixy (oelin):


The Femto-4 (Sanderokian Stfetoneri):

Play Roulette / Programmable (Martianno):

Custom 16 Bit CPU 34 (Payton):

Hack Computer 16 bits (José Ricardo Krauss):



8 Bit CPU (me):

LC1 (Belinus):

CPU Microprocessor (Bethany):

Computer (Skean):

Overture (Maarten):


Test Computer (Sanderokian Stfetoneri):

a simple computer (RANDY_THE_guy):


Simple 4 Bit Computer (Aiden JOO):

SAP - 1 (Satvik Ramaprasad):

Works in Progress:


16-bit computer (Maarten Vandenbrande):

16-Bit Computer (Dustin Harris):

B8256 (ArithmeticArthur):

16-bit uCISC Processor (Robert Butler):


rixis combinox r1 (Rixis):

rixis emperor r2 (Rixis):



YABEI SAP System (Derek Wheeler):

8-bit computer simplified v2 B5 (CEa_TIde):

Abandoned Computers:


Protathena 8-bit (blane1257):

What am I counting as a computer?:

A computer will be classified as anything that executes some form of code. It will not include calculators or isolated ALUs, though isolated CPUs are included. Additionally, things which are technically a computer (such as Conway's Game of Life, and Turing Machines) will not be counted. In the end, the measure is if it feels like a computer, it is. 

What is complete enough to count as a complete computer?:

Provided it looks like it took some time to make, and has actual circuitry rather than an empty project, it will count, regardless of how dysfunctional it is. Since I do not have the time to verify if computers actually work (since no one explains what they actually do or have nice user interfaces), I will take the descriptions as the description of what it does. 

What counts as a different version of the same computer?:

Essentially provided the labelling, forks, or description implies that it is the same computer, but updated, then it will count as a variation of a computer and not a new computer. Generally, if I view a series as incremental improvements to the same computer (e.g. Femto-4v1 vs Femto-4v2) I will not include them separately (though may include a link to the series overview as well) I will attempt to include only the latest version of the computer.