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Author: Skean

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An 8 bit working computer.

I learned a little bit about binary and I wanted to see If I could make a working computer.

This is just a messy prototype and I plan on expanding apon this computer by adding more bits and things like it to a newer version. 

Ive left a text box with a guide on all the fetch and excecute numbers so that you can program it.

The system works kind of like an in and out system where you have two nine bit strings the first representing the input and the second representing the destination. This computer was extremely hard and took a lot of time to build (I had to keep remaking the RAM because it kept getting too laggy) However it was still incredibly fun.

Remix to edit, reprogram, or any other things you want to try. Ive left a code block which you can use to program the computer.

I currently have it programmed to show all of the shades of the colours it can onto the pixel matrix it is connected to. This is just a basic graphics test (Like a more fancy hello world script)


(Here is an example of another program for the computer:

Created: Feb 06, 2022

Updated: Aug 27, 2023


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